Trucker lingo and more

Hi everyone sorry I haven't blogged it has been a stressful couple of weeks. Being a truckers wife comes with a lot of responsibility in our house. I do all the house/kid stuff 5.5-6 days a week. Then I try to cram as much family time and couples time in during his roughly 36hours home. This last week was truckers appreciation week and I spent a lot of time trying to understand some more of the insights on the "office" side of trucking. Logistics, turn over, lack of qualified drivers and so on. I am sitting here after another short home time with my husband and wondering if it is worth it after the sad good byes. But then I remember how important his job is to keep America running and how many businesses and even small businesses that depend on his deliveries each week. So my husband delivers for one specific store but it supplies local businesses and families. Even though there are rough days as a truckers wife and trying to juggle being a good wife and "single" momma, it could be harder. I am beyond thankful that I have a husband who is capable and willing to go to work every day to provide for us and make sure so many have their needed supplies! I know several people are starting to reach out looking for support, we both want to make sure everyone feels welcome and knows they are not alone!

Ok I am going to go on to talk about some of the lingo that truckers use as I start to get into stories and such you will know what is being talked about for those not familiar already!

- Chicken coop, is not a place to get eggs. It is actually what some truckers call the weigh stations, not quite sure why it is called that.

- Gators, are the shreds of the tires from cars and trucks left on the highways. This one got me for awhile since some people in FL and LA have to deal with gators too.

- Fuel, Yeah I know some non truckers call it this but I still call it gas. I guess this is similar to soda and pop!

- Big rig, some people call semis trucks big rigs, I have only heard this regional but it is still a thing.

- DC, is the distribution center where some pick up their loads.

- Wiggle Wagon, trucks with more than one trailer.

- The bear, aka police officers. The bear like to set traps unlike in real life where they try avoid it.

This is just a start I am sure I will think of more or hear more as the times goes.

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Two Truckers Wives